Tuesday, April 5, 2011

William Flynn : the Sequel

In 1860, William Flynn , a laborer was worth $100. In 1861 , he and Mary had a second daughter, named Mary. By 1870, William owned a liquor saloon and was worth $1000. By 1890 , both the bar and Mary were gone and William worked in a carpet store. By 1900, William was a widower working as a gardener and living at the Craigs as a boarder. In 1910, he disappears from the census. I'm sure deceased.

William was a man that came from nothing, worked hard, maybe got lucky and aquired a small amount of wealth. By 1910, most of it was gone. My Flynns had a burial plot  I don't even think they owned and a house on Greenwood Lake. I've rumours of a real estate agency. Whatever there may have been at one point in time , I'm sure it's gone now. 

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