Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Henry

I finally did it. I made the trek to Brooklyn, to Holy Cross and I was rewarded with no headstone. My heart fell into my stomach. While I knew she was there, I got no closure from it. What I did get were some pictures of headstones of potential relatives. The above monument is one with several  family names on it.. John J. , Ethel and Cecelia. I'm wondering if both these plots were purahsed together since Violet needed to get permission from the plot owner to be buried there. She is also , alledgedly buried with her grandparents , who are not in the plot with her and not in nearby graves.

I have to say Holy Cross is a beautiful cemetary, I understand why years ago people used to have picnics in cemetaries. Once my head clears and Im over the disappointment I will go back there, just to look around if nothing else. I'm also going to submit the pictures I took to find a grave. Hopefully , someone will benefit from them. 

I just want to take this moment to say my husband is the sweetest man on the planet because he almost always accompanies me on these adventures.               

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come Out , Come Out Wherever You Are

After a couple of years believing  Violet Flynn Craig was not buried in a Catholic cemetary , I have discovered where she takes her eternal rest ; Holy Cross Cemetary in Brooklyn. She is buried with John Flynn , Christina Flynn , William E. Flynn , Thomas C Newton , Dorothy Newton amd Josephine Day and Francis Perchard. I have no idea who they are. I did do a little research on Josphine. She was born in 1891 and married Frank Day. They had at least 3 children Frank Jr, Robert, and Marion. Harry Schmaker , their brother in law, lived with them. They lived in Hudson County , New Jersey , where my greatgreatwhatevergreat grandfather amd his brothers/cousins purchased land. I love when things tie up so neatly . I still don't know how Josephine is related to me but I'm sure she is. I will definatley  be heading over to Holy Cross soon. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Something About Mary

Mary Fleming was born about 1830- 1835. She married William Flynn and had several children. One of which was my great great grandfather , John J Flynn. This is all I'm certain of. The rest are possibilities.

Scenario #1

Mary was born in England to Irish parents. In the census, her and William took she was listed as a NewYorker. In the census John J took she was listed as Irish born. No Irishman worth anything would be willing to admit his wife/mother was born in England. Saying she was from New York or Ireland is a plausible fabrication. She would have  moslty likely come over during the blight making her a Catholic.

Scenario #2

Mary was actually born in Ireland and may have known William in Tipperary . She may have been listed as a New Yorker due to an enumerator mistake. Again it would have been likely she was a Catholic  


Mary was born in New York. Her parents were from Ireland. This would mean her parents arrived here in 1935 at the latest making her an Ulster-Scot. A Presbyerterian. I think this is the mostly likely because there are alledgedly scads of Presbyeterians in my family, even if Ive never met a single one.

In all three scenarios Mary's parents were from Ireland and all of her children were born here. I remember my Nana telling me we had family in Ulster and we were a "little bit Scottish". The Ulster-Scots were in fact Scottish not Irish . I need a world account on Ancestry.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scrapping and Genealogy a guest blog by Katherine

So my friend Kerrie was talking about her genealogy search and how she wanted to make a scrapbook. I love scrapping and offered to help. I had no idea this offer of help would suck me in to search for dead people. It started with me mentioning that I had no information about my fathers side of the family. Kerrie being the good friend and enabler that she is said oh it's fun and easy to search for your family I will help you. Little did I know that she would also suck me into becoming a guest blogger about my search.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Things Can Always Be Worse

I've just had "one of those weeks". Nothing seems to be going right . To add insult to injury, for now, I don't have an Ancestry.Com account. What will be come of Violet Flynn and Margaret Curtin without me? Oh wait , they're gone already , I suppose they can last a month or two without me. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It seems , besides all the wonderful print resources my library has to offer I can also remote in to several ancestry programs. None of which I like as much as Ancestry.Com , but still , a viable substitute at the moment.

Who Do You Think You Are?  is on tonight. Im cheering up already.