Friday, March 18, 2011

Something About Mary

Mary Fleming was born about 1830- 1835. She married William Flynn and had several children. One of which was my great great grandfather , John J Flynn. This is all I'm certain of. The rest are possibilities.

Scenario #1

Mary was born in England to Irish parents. In the census, her and William took she was listed as a NewYorker. In the census John J took she was listed as Irish born. No Irishman worth anything would be willing to admit his wife/mother was born in England. Saying she was from New York or Ireland is a plausible fabrication. She would have  moslty likely come over during the blight making her a Catholic.

Scenario #2

Mary was actually born in Ireland and may have known William in Tipperary . She may have been listed as a New Yorker due to an enumerator mistake. Again it would have been likely she was a Catholic  


Mary was born in New York. Her parents were from Ireland. This would mean her parents arrived here in 1935 at the latest making her an Ulster-Scot. A Presbyerterian. I think this is the mostly likely because there are alledgedly scads of Presbyeterians in my family, even if Ive never met a single one.

In all three scenarios Mary's parents were from Ireland and all of her children were born here. I remember my Nana telling me we had family in Ulster and we were a "little bit Scottish". The Ulster-Scots were in fact Scottish not Irish . I need a world account on Ancestry.



  1. Sorry Kerrie, but my filled-up mind has lost track of who is who. Can you make a Family tree (even a hand sketched one) of at least those you know of now & their relations? Very interesting, hope you find out more & really go deeper. I probably have no chance of finding out mine beyond my grandparents. Even my dad's birth cert was a proxy. Does it cost you a lot to dig info?

  2. Mostly , it just costs time.. and a subscription to Birth certificates cost about $15 from the place the person was born.. in my case NYC.However , if they don't find anything..they dont refund your money. I'm still trying to find a cert for Violet and Joseph marriage. Why do you think you won't find beyond your g-parents?