Thursday, April 28, 2011

Killeen Schmilleen

It has been a busy week. Not only have I not had time for my poor lonely blog but I havent even done and research this week. Easter was a good time. We went to my husband's aunt's house. Not only is she is fabulous cook but ganze mishpocheh < thats yiddish because I have no idea how to say it in Portuguese>  was there.

My has-really-great-pictures-cousin told me that Maragret Kane's mother's maiden name was Killeen. In 1930 there is a Killeen family living on Sackett Street where the Curtins lived. This is definately gonig to require some more investigation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Got Nothing

I grew up with very little family. Genealogy has changed that for me in more ways than one. I have found cousins. Cousins have found me. And there is my growing "genealogy family". Plus  there are all these dead folk who never ever disagree with me! Could I get any luckier?

When I first started , I had closed my business and was looking for a cheap hobby to keep me busy for a little while.  I know some of you seasoned genealogists are laughing when you hear cheap, but the truth is Ive spent very little money. Ok  , is an expensive , but other than that , I only spend what I can afford to spend. There is something strangely delicous about having to wait a month to send away for a birth certifcate. I confess I haven't gone across the pond though. My expenses might wrack up then.

I have , however, spent an inordinate amount of time posting on different message boards ,etc. First there is Buckets full of last names to post to.  Then , havent found any relatives there yet but I know I will. Curtin .org and on Facebook.

In addition to all of these there are websites to read ..that will lead me somewhere else.  I could never forget That would be like forgetting to eat the chocolate pudding in my fridge.

What has genealogy done for you and what are your favorite sites?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Joseph Craig ..The End

Joseph Craig was born in February 1895 in Broolyn ,  N.Y. He lived on Elliot Place and had three brothers , Edward , Charles and William and a sister Anna. He work first as a truck driver . Then as a motorman for BMT. He married Violet Flynn in about 1916. they had three daughters , Lillian , Anna and Violet. On December 4  , 1938 he passed away from visceral congestion.

He never shot a British officer. However , there is a possibility that the story is somewhat true. Joseph's mother was Mary Cameron. Her father was Joseph Cameron. Cameron's lived only an hour and half from Belfast . I was told Joseph <Craig> was from Belfast. It very well could have been him. There is always fighting going on in Belfast. On an interesting note , Cameron is not at all Irish.. it's Scottish. So , Joseph Craig mystery is solved only to open a Cameron can of worms.

I want to thank my new found cousin for providing me with most of the this information.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joseph Craig .. oy vey!

Joseph Craig is my personal brick wall. At least until about 10pm tonight when I got an unexpected email.

What family lore tells me:
He was born in Northern Ireland, shot a British officer, fled to Scotland and then to the US. Once in the us he got a plum of a job as a trolley car driver. A hard job to come by. He married Violet Flynn and they had three daughters.

What I know:

He doesn't appear in the census until 1920. However , if one is to believe the census he was born in NY. On the 1920 census he is listed as a truck driver. It's on the 1930 census he is a trolley car driver. After , 1930 he disapears again.

The email:

Edward Craig's , Joseph's brother , grandson's wife emailed me .  She did not give me a lot of information just yet. The letter was more of an introduction. I'm hoping she writes back tomorrow. I am beside myself.

How oh how am I going to sleep tonight?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are

I look forward to Fridays. Sure , it being the start of the weekend has something to do with it but, mostly it is because of  Who Do You Think You Are?. I started pursuing genealogy before this show came to the U.S. but it really pushed me over edge. For me it's about how they trace their families journies. Celebrities are interesting and which one of has hasn't wished for Brooke Sheilds heritage every once in a while but, the truth is I find Kim Catrall's and Gwenyth Paltrow's familes just as fascinating. I find my own family just as fascinating. Immigrants that came here due to the blight and due to pogroms. A family that started out near abouts Harlem , moved to Brooklyn , and finally Rockaway Beach. A Rough Rider and a tiny tailor from Russia/Poland/Ukraine or whatever that part of Europe is being called today. As my great grandma would say the ganze mishpocheh. Today is the season finale for Who Do You Think You Are? For me it feels like the begining . 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

William Flynn : the Sequel

In 1860, William Flynn , a laborer was worth $100. In 1861 , he and Mary had a second daughter, named Mary. By 1870, William owned a liquor saloon and was worth $1000. By 1890 , both the bar and Mary were gone and William worked in a carpet store. By 1900, William was a widower working as a gardener and living at the Craigs as a boarder. In 1910, he disappears from the census. I'm sure deceased.

William was a man that came from nothing, worked hard, maybe got lucky and aquired a small amount of wealth. By 1910, most of it was gone. My Flynns had a burial plot  I don't even think they owned and a house on Greenwood Lake. I've rumours of a real estate agency. Whatever there may have been at one point in time , I'm sure it's gone now. 

I'm Speechless

Ok not really. You have no idea what it takes to leave me speechless. However , I may have found Joseph Craig. Kinda. I decided to take a stroll through the censuses to find out what became of my greatgreatwhatevergrandfather William. In 1900 , someone William Flynn's age and with a similar wedding anniversary abouts lived in Middleton , NY. Here is the creepy exciting thing..he lived with Alexander Craig. Craig is not that common a name. Alright, it's more common than some names I've heard but it isnt as common as Flynn. Probably not even as common as Curtin. Alexander , an immigrant from Northern  Ireland , was married to Margaret. Alexander was a shoemaker with his own business. He owned his home. Alexander and Margaret had at least four surving children Matthew , Hugh , Anna and Samuel.  These could be my greagreatwhatevergrandparents , but I doubt it. However , there is a much stronger possiblity that these are my cousins or even an aunt and uncle. Joseph just got a hairsbreath closer.

late night addition: Alexander's parents names were Mary Rice and.......Joseph Craig.. oh boy!!