Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joseph Craig .. oy vey!

Joseph Craig is my personal brick wall. At least until about 10pm tonight when I got an unexpected email.

What family lore tells me:
He was born in Northern Ireland, shot a British officer, fled to Scotland and then to the US. Once in the us he got a plum of a job as a trolley car driver. A hard job to come by. He married Violet Flynn and they had three daughters.

What I know:

He doesn't appear in the census until 1920. However , if one is to believe the census he was born in NY. On the 1920 census he is listed as a truck driver. It's on the 1930 census he is a trolley car driver. After , 1930 he disapears again.

The email:

Edward Craig's , Joseph's brother , grandson's wife emailed me .  She did not give me a lot of information just yet. The letter was more of an introduction. I'm hoping she writes back tomorrow. I am beside myself.

How oh how am I going to sleep tonight?

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