Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Inspires You?

Someone asked me who inspires me. There are lots of them. Lots of people who keep me going on days I want to stay in bed. Lately , though, it is Violet. I only remember meeting her once and of  course there is that sad little picture . but Violet starts and ends most of my days . She was the third of seven children. As far as I can tell , she was closest to her sister Lillian. In fact, she named her first daughter after her. She married Joseph Craig in about 1916. I don't know how long the marriage lasted , but they did have three daughters. By the time my father was born she was divorced , at least in spirit. She took my father on many dates with her.The only 5 year old in the neighborhood  having lobster dinners. She died in 1972 , but not before going blind from diabetes. I'm  pretty sure she is buried in the Evergreen Cemetary in Brooklyn. For me , genealogy gives me certain satisfication I cannot explain . In a way , it bring my relatives back to life , if only for a moment or two. I hope when I'm one of those relatives someone brings me back to life.

Happy Valentine's Day to those who inspire me who are still living.

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