Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grass: It's Whats For Dinner

William Flynn was born in 1822 in Tipparey Ireland. He worked as a laborer until he left for the US in 1849. He sailed across the ocean in a ship called "Princeton" that left from Liverpool. He met and married Mary Fleming of New York. They has 4 surviving children; Annie , James , John J. and Edward. William applied for citizenship in 1853. His brother Thomas witnessed his naturaliztion papers. At some point before 1873, William and his brothers purchased property in Hudson County, NJ. He worked as a carpenter until he was at least 68 and stayed in the same home for at least 10 years , which is a miracle for my family.

Having left Ireland in 1849, I'm sure the potato blight had something to do with it. Seeing neighbors vomiting up the grass they has eaten must have been disconcerting. Seeing your family do it must have been like taking a bullet to your head. Today's economy is awful. Somedays, we have eggs for dinner. That's the worst it gets. I cant imagine eating grass. Can you?

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