Wednesday, October 5, 2011

E'valuating Cornelius Curtin

It has been awhile since I done any kind of ancestry research. Don't you love when life gets away from you like that? Last night I decided to check out Griffith's Valuation. Oh ,  I know what you are thinking. How hard could it be to find someone's who's last name is Curtin ? I found four of them. Or one of them four times. Cornelius lived in Abbeyfeale parish in Limerick , Ireland. Twice his landlord was Edward O'Grady. Once it was deCourcey O'Grady. And once it was John Hartnett. I'm guessing these were all the same Cornelius' , but I can't be certain. Here is an interesting thing < though not as interesting as sock thievery> Cornelius' father in law was James Hartnett. I have to wonder if this was an uncle in law or even a brother in law. And this still more interesting...Cornelius Curtin is listed as John Hartnett's landlord. Clealry I'm not getting the finer points of the Griffith's Valuation. Either way though , Cornelius is listed which makes it pretty cool.

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